Temperatures Rise As Europe Faces Severe Heat

Temperatures Rise As Europe Faces Severe Heat

For all of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Season is surely and truly upon us (All of you down at Australia can enjoy the cold for now). And one can tell that the summer heat is hitting its maximum when Europe starts to face climate issues. This piece of Earth which is fairly cool for most of the year is facing some serious severe heat issues this year round. And with the Fahrenheits slowly tipping into the uncomfortable zones, we have the latest weather news from Good ol Europe.

Wildfires in France:

      France is famous for all the right reasons a country can be famous for. Tremendous urban centres like Paris & breathtaking beaches at Normandy, Corsica & Cote D’azur. But it seems that one of those beaches is on fire; literally. The news coming in from Corsica apparently isn’t a good one. That’s because a raging wildfire that broke out on Monday has engulfed about 4000 hectares of land by now. Firefighters meanwhile are busy in containing the natural calamity, only to get themselves injured in the process. France on the other hand, pretty much helpless in the face of mother nature has called on its European Union friends to help out in the situation. Italy interestingly has responded to the plea of help. And speaking of Italy, the Italians are facing summer issues of their own.

Vatican City Shuts Off Famed Fountains:

      The Vatican meanwhile has decided to shut down its famed fountains in an effort to save water due to drought issues. The drought that has hit the Italian capital has ended up leaving residents without water for almost 8 hours a day. But such situations were looming over head as the spring season of 2017 was Italy’s 3rd driest in 60 years. The Pope therefore it seems is more serious about climate change than Donald Trump, as shown by some of his quotes.   Travelling through Europe and need instant weather updates?? Download the best weather app for Iphone & Ipad to stay in touch with the local weather.