Stay Safe With the Best Weather App for IPhone

Stay Safe With the Best Weather App for IPhone

Imagine yourself sitting in your basement and waiting for a tornado to hit your area. A tornado you didn’t get a warning about. Maybe you didn’t watch the news. Maybe you weren’t up to date with the weather conditions. Chances are such slip ups might end up costing you your life as 5 people found out the hard way. That is where the best weather app for Iphone comes into play. Through weather mate, one can stay on top of the latest weather updates to avoid disasters such as the one linked above.

Speaking of tornadoes, they can be a deadly force of nature. This fact has shown itself multiple times in America’s history. And the weather condition that is prevalent in the southern states isn’t doing the locals any good either. With hail the size of golf balls coming down accompanied by heavy rains and you guessed it: Tornadoes, the local weather was in no mood to get better.

In fact, it’s been getting worse in the Southern states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Whats more is these weather patterns are expected to move north towards New York & Washington. It seems that New Yorkers will have to deal with new weather hazards as they tackled a Nor’easter just a few days ago.


It wasn’t all bad news with the weather though. One can always find amusement even in the most bizarre environments as this guy decided to polish his golfing skills with hail. The threat from the severe weather though is pretty much real with warnings of flash floods and tornadoes popping all around. All we can say is Good luck with the next few days America. They are going to be nasty.

Feeling too cozy or too cold? Get the latest weather updates now with the best weather & temperature app for your Iphone.