Severe Storms Rattling Through Central U.S

Severe Storms Rattling Through Central U.S

The American continent year round receives a heavy barrage of natural calamities and disasters. From the cold blizzards of the winter to the relentless hurricanes in the summer, America and its neighboring countries are at the receiving end of mother nature’s wrath. And what happens in between are the rain storms and tornadoes. That is precisely what has transpired in the past few days in Central U.S. Since Monday, over 50 tornadoes have been reported from Wyoming to Wisconsin along with high winds and hailstorms. With the severe storms showing no signs of stopping in the weekend, the damage is likely to get worse.

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And as the above picture would show, the damage has been getting worse. One look through Emily Younger’s twitter profile and one can see the extent of damage caused by these storms. The threat for tornadoes on the other hand will be lower than previous days this week. But as this video shows, it takes only one tornado to rip an entire home to shreds.

The most active period for these storms will be late afternoon and evening hours. Users can make live saving use of the best weather app for their Iphones in such circumstances and stay up to date with the latest weather updates in their area.

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The bad weather apparently will have its toll on the local sports as well. Depending on the storm’s track, the 2017 College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, could be threatened by violent weather on Saturday. Drivers should be prepared for a slow ride with their headlights on when a violent thunderstorm crosses the area. Not to mention all the airline passengers who will be facing long delays.

The American Airline Industry is no stranger to bad weather, be it in the winter or summer

With such gloomy news all around, we sure can hope and pray for clearer skies and sunny beaches. Amen to that.