Hurricane Irma Leaves Behind Jaw Dropping Scenes

Hurricane Irma Leaves Behind Jaw Dropping Scenes

The continental U.S it seems is stuck in the cross hairs between deadly & historic storms these days. Only a couple of weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey unleashed nature’s fury upon the state of Texas. By the time it was done dumping its wet payload, almost 52 inches of rain had fell in just one week. Only 2 weeks later though and Hurricane Irma is making all that destruction look like a thing of the past. So lets take a look at some of the annihilation that it has left in its wake.

Damage In the Caribbeans:

The islands in the Caribbean ocean perhaps took the heaviest hit from Hurricane Irma. It made landfall as a Category 5 on the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico & Cuba. With wind speeds of 185mph, absolute devastation was inevitable. The worst damaged area was perhaps Cuba where this report reveals that everybody lost everything.

Effects on the Bahamas:

                                                 Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As the Hurricane barreled on towards Florida, it slowly calmed down to a Category 4. Its sheer power & scale however were still unparalleled. Before it could reach the shores of U.S a unique phenomenon was witnessed on the shores of the Bahamas. Large hurricanes such as Irma tend to produce a huge vacuum at the center of the storm. The eye of a Hurricane acts like a suction pump, pulling in the water from the surroundings due to low pressure. What this resulted in was entire shore lines running empty of its waters. The scenes were awe inspiring but at the same time a signal of the immense flooding that was about to arrive.

Destruction in Florida:

By the time the storm had reached Florida,it brought with it scenes that looked like the end of the world. As this video on the shores of Miami shows, the borderlines between the ocean & city had vanished. The entire Caribbean ocean apparently had decided to invade into the city of Miami. All that water that had been sucked in was let out eventually. Meanwhile with the death toll having climbed to 22 in the U.S its only a matter of time before the actual figures become clear.

Hurricane Jose Heading Towards the U.S:

One might think that after enduring two massive hurricanes like Harvey & Irma, America would finally get some respite. That however doesn’t seem to be the case as a 3rd hurricane in the form of Hurricane Jose is moving towards the U.S as a Category 1 storm currently. And while its path is unlikely to cross the Continental U.S, caution nonetheless should be taken.

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