How to Use Weather History in Weather Mate (A Step by Step Guide)

How to Use Weather History in Weather Mate (A Step by Step Guide)

Meteorologists, all over the globe, use a number of approaches that help them in predicting future weather patterns. Historical weather pertinent to a certain location is one of the most widely used tools in this regard. Regarding this, Weather Mate boasts comprehensive weather archives encompassing worldwide locations. This gives the weather enthusiasts interesting information about decades old weather conditions for a specific location. Follow the below mentioned step wise instructions to learn how to predict weather  for a certain location using the Weather History in Weather Mate.

Step 1

Locate the Weather Mate’s Icon. Open Weather Mate by locating its icon on your iOS apps screen to be directed to the home screen.


Step 2

Access the Weather History. Tap on the Weather History tab in the top right corner of the home screen to get access to the weather history archive.


Step 3

Select the Date. On the weather history’s default screen, tap the Date tab to choose the date, month and year for which you want to find historical weather summaries for your current/selected location.


Step 4

Update Weather History. Once the date is selected, the weather history for your current/selected location is updated.


Step 5

Move to Top. Scroll down the weather history and tap the Move to Top tab to get back to the top of the displayed history page.