Frozen America: 7 Fabulous Snow-clothed Locations

Frozen America: 7 Fabulous Snow-clothed Locations

This winter, we have seen ferocious storms dump massive piles of snow across different parts of the country. The onslaught is not over yet as we should be expecting some more snow coming our way this season. While at one hand, inclement weather has the power to blanket entire cities, snow also has the potential of changing the entire outlook of the most monotonous of locations into something absolutely fantastic. So, despite all the hardships and adversities that harsh weather conditions bring with them, we are always left with amazingly adorable scenes to be admired forever. In this post, we have lined up 8 of the most majestic snow-clothed locations in the US that will certainly leave you dumbfounded.

1 – New York City

New York

New York City Central Park does not seem to be a spot to welcome you with tranquility and serenity amidst all the hustle and bustle of the biggest metropolitan in the world. But when blanketed by snow, peace and calm become a guaranteed commodity.

2 – Scituate, Massachusetts


The state of Massachusetts along the eastern coast was battered by the Winter Storm Neptune during the winter of 2015. Its coastal town Scituate is a pretty cool destination to visit in the summers and transforms into a majestic fairy-tale site when the covered by the white snow.

3 – Boston


The parks of this Northeastern city become a site to behold when blanketed by the splendid white snow. The winter of 2015 saw record snowfall engulfing Boston and transformed this location into a destination of eye-catching beauty.

4 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

When the snow and ice rolls in and covers the trees and buildings of this city, there could be no more mesmerizing sight to behold and cherish for eternity.

5 – Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

When clad in snow, the lighthouses on Lake Michigan appear to be made entirely of ice and snow. Stunning and gorgeous would not suffice the beauty they boast!

6 – Chicago


This Midwestern town becomes a thing of real pristine beauty when snow and ice wrap this windy town in their blanket.

7 – Wisconsin


The sea caves present the most majestic and incredibly fabulous pieces of art designed by nature when the snow sets into the Apostle Islands National Lake-shore in Wisconsin. And what’s more exciting is that you can get there merely by walking on frozen water for just a mile. Awesome, eh?