Weather History:


While Weather Mate packs a number of features that inform the user about current and future weather conditions, it has a unique feature called Weather History which archives disparate kinds of atmospheric patterns and data. So, if you are an ardent weather watcher, you can get access to extensive archives of weather data pertinent to locations all over the globe via Weather Mate and use it to make your own educated guess regarding the future weather conditions of any location. This feature includes the following options:

Custom Date

You can provide your desired date for which you want the weather record to be determined.

Day Summary

You can find out about a lot of meteorological parameters in this section including temperature, sea level pressure, degree days, dew point, humidity, precipitation, snowfall, wind speed and visibility.

Hourly Details

You can also access hourly weather details encompassing temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind chill, pressure, visibility and dew point.

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