Travel Planner:



The Travel Planner feature in Weather Mate can help you avoid any unanticipated circumstances during your odysseys. This feature makes use of the historical weather trends for a certain location between specified dates of the year to present a reliable, accurate and hyper-local weather forecast. Hence, the users can plan their trips while keeping in mind the weather perspective as well. Travel Planner can be accessed by tapping onto its icon in the top right corner of the Weather Mate’s main screen. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this feature:

Custom Date

You can provide the start and end dates of the period during which you have planned the trip.

Weather Summaries

Travel Planner furnishes a lot of comprehensive weather information to help you better plan your travels. It includes:

  • Learn average, minimum and high temperatures expected during your specified dates in addition to probabilities of freezing day, cool day, warm day and hot day
  • Get to know chance of precipitation, rain, thunderstorms, snow, snow on ground and hail
  • Find out the probabilities of humid and sultry days
  • Determine the chance of wind speed over 15 km/hr, fog and even tornadoes

Do you want to plan your holiday without letting the weather interrupting?

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