Severe Weather Alerts:


As soon as the severe weather season sets in, eyes turn to weather forecasts in a bid to stay updated with the trends and patterns that the violent and harsh weather is going to follow. Every minute counts! Weather Mate brings to you its top-of-the-line severe weather push notifications harnessing its breakthrough, high-end technology. You can also subscribe to Freeze Alert so that you are notified when the temperature goes below or above 0 degrees. Moreover, accurate, quicker, faster and more authentic severe weather alerts, warnings, watches, statements and advisories can now reach you from National Weather Service (USA/Canada) and MeteoAlarm (Europe) pertaining to:


  • Air quality and pollution
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Fog
  • Heat
  • Hurricane, tropical cyclones and tornadoes
  • Lake and marine
  • Severe thunderstorms

Do you want to stay prepared for harsh weather conditions?

Download our app Weather Mate that provides accurate and reliable severe weather alerts.