Screen Sharing Options:



Weather Mate allows you to stay in touch with your loved and dear ones. So, if you are in the middle of the week and enjoying some really pleasant weather and want your friends to know how awesome the weather is; or if you happen to get an early advisory for an approaching violent weather via Weather Mate and want to warn your relatives to stay prepared or even evacuate in some extreme cases; then you can send them your favorite app’s screen grabs and share with them the weather update through Facebook, Twitter and Email. This feature has a lot to offer:


  • Add custom captions in addition to the default ones for the screen shots
  • Manually select albums and location
  • Manually configure the privacy settings for your social media post from within Weather Mate
  • Save email as draft to send it later

Do you want to share the weather forecasts with your loved ones?

Download our app Weather Mate that contains screen sharing options via number of media.