National Weather Service Radio (USA Only):


The National Weather Service Weather (NWS) Radio broadcasts the warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information issued by National Weather Service. The Radio network has more than 425 stations with almost 1025 transmitters in the 50 states and near adjoining coastal waters.  Weather Mate, lets you listen to NWS Weather Radio, so that you stay connected to the continuous, round-the-clock broadcast of weather information from your nearest National Weather Service office without having to purchase a special hardware device. Each National Weather Service office ensures to keep its broadcasts aligned with the local geographical and climatic needs. Let’s see what it further has to offer:


  • List of weather radio stations in your local vicinity
  • Pause and play option
  • Volume control using slider bar

Do you want to receive regular updates from National Weather Service?

Download our app Weather Mate that brings to you 24/7 NWS radio broadcasts.