Hi-Def Radar Maps:

Weather Mate is home to the world’s most interactive and detailed weather maps. Weather maps display disparate meteorological features to give the reader sufficient information about the past, prevalent or forth-coming weather conditions. The fluid responsive weather maps in WeatherMate include numerous layer options to portray multiple information streams simultaneously. Let’s see what this wonderful feature has to offer:


  • NOAA Weather Radar covering US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Animated Satellite (Infrared & Visible) available for the whole world. Radar and Satellite overlays show real-time rain, snow, mixed precipitation, and cloud cover in amazing high resolution and vivid colors
  • Severe weather watches, warnings, advisories and all other alerts from National Weather Service (for USA / Canada) and MeteoAlarm (for Europe) are visible as interactive polygons covering the territories they’re active for. Tap any alert to get the title, validity time and the full details of that alert
  • Radar Detected Storm Tracks & Hurricane Forecast Tracks, with detailed information
  • Several Maps Types: Standard, Hybrid and Satellite. Pinch or stretch to zoom in and out. Drag your finger around the map to scroll
  • For Radar and Satellite overlay animations, you can customize the animation speed, select the most suitable number of frames shown in animation, adjust overlay opacity
  • Track fires with Fire Risk & Active Fires layers, with detailed information
  • Lightning, Tornadoes, Storm Reports (USA / Canada Only), with detailed information
  • Weather Stations layer gives you the most localized weather information from the network of 33,000+ personal weather stations spread around the globe
  • View thousands of webcams throughout the world at their full native resolution. See them full screen if you want
  • Weather Fronts (USA / Canada Only), Temperature Gradient, & Earthquake layers, with detailed information

Do you want to view interactive weather maps to track weather?

Download our app Weather Mate that features animated multi-layered weather maps.