Extreme Weather Raging Across the Entire United States

Extreme Weather Raging Across the Entire United States

It’s the month of August and that for the U.S normally means bad news in terms of weather. Be it the Eastern coast receiving torrential rains & hurricane warnings, the central plains of Kansas & Oklahoma facing tornadoes and rain issues to the West Coast dealing with drought and wildfires, the news from all across the country is of extreme weather all around. So without wasting anymore time, let’s get down to the news from across the states, because there’s a lot of it.

The East Coast:

America’s East Coast is traditionally famous for facing Earth shaking hurricanes and tropical storms. And while the news in August might not be as scary as a hurricane, it’s not very good either. That’s because the North Eastern cities of New York, Philadelphia, Boston & Washington D.C are going to face round of heavy rain. The bad weather meanwhile will adversely affect travelling conditions. The most heavily impacted areas are likely to be Boston & Providence Rhode Island. What’s more to it is the fact that a low cloud ceiling and fog might result in airline delays at major hubs from Boston to New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. So everyone who has travelling plans for the weekdays, we suggest some caution.

The Central Plains:

The thunderstorms that are about to rage over the East Coast can find their existence back in the Central Plains. The storms started off from there having already dumped their water load on the states of Kansas & Missouri. Damaging winds and hail have been predicted and will likely cause most of the damage in these areas. A minor tornado warning meanwhile is also among many of the alerts. For those of you travelling around the central states, we suggest to carry an umbrella; or better off, don’t leave the safety of your home.

The West Coast:

While 2 halves of the United States are dealing with rainy issues, the West Coast it seems has a more drier and hotter problem. That’s because one of the rainiest cities in the United States i-e Seattle has now gone without rain for 51 days. The last time such a stretch happened was back in August of 1951. The news coming in from the rest of the Western cities and states isn’t any good either. There have been more than 4 dozen wildfires reported across the states of Montana, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. Add to it the fact that the Canadian province of British Columbia has been facing wildfire issues of its own and the temperature only rises. There is some good news on the horizon though as a cool breeze is expected to arrive in the middle of August and bring down the risk of more blazes.

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