Election Day Weather: Find Out the Best Time to Cast Your Ballot in the Swing States

Election Day Weather: Find Out the Best Time to Cast Your Ballot in the Swing States

Finally, after months of intense election campaigns, political drama, changed loyalties, leaked videos and federal investigations, the day of reckoning is upon us all. Yes folks! It’s election day ya’ll! As we cross the threshold and enter into this yet another massive day in the history of America, many of you must be wondering what kind of weather should you be expecting as you head towards the polling station to cast your crucial vote. Will the weather turn around the tables on this day of judgement in the political arena? Thankfully though, we are not expecting any monstrous meteorological upheavals on the election day. With the political temperatures expected to soar high, let’s have a look at the election day weather for the swing states on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

1 – Michigan


While there may be a few scattered chances of rain along a cold front through the election day, the probability of widespread rains is almost minimal.

2 – Ohio


The northern parts of the state are likely to receive a wet spell in the latter half of the day. The afternoon meanwhile is going to be a bit warmer than normal.

3 – Colorado


There are forecasts of dry and mainly sunny weather in Colorado on the day of reckoning.

4 – Florida


Following its traditional November weather, Florida might receive a few showers here and there. The overall weather however is likely to stay dry in the Sunshine state.

5 – Iowa


The eastern parts of the state are expected to be at the receiving end of a lingering shower in the first half of the day. However, the rest of the state is likely to stay dry.

6 – Nevada


The state of Nevada is going to remain dry for much of the election day with zero to minimal chances of rain.

7 – New Hampshire


This is yet another battleground state that is likely to see a dry weather on the election day.

8 – North Carolina


The crucial state of North Carolina is expected to stay dry without any possibilities of inclement weather.

9 – Pennsylvania


The eastern parts of the state of Pennsylvania are likely to stay dry and sunny. The western parts on the other hand are expected to remain cloudy. However, as the election day will be about to approach its closure, the northwest areas of the state might receive a few showers.

10 – Virginia


The election day should remain dry throughout the state. However, there are a few chances of rain from the evening onward in the western territories.

11 – Wisconsin


The state of Wisconsin should enjoy relatively dry weather apart from a few showers in the southeastern parts in the morning.