Customizing Weather Mate

Customizing Weather Mate

We want your experience with Weather Mate to be rewarding and a whole lot fun. So, our this week’s post, as promised in the last article, will focus on the customizable settings, the varying options available for the users and how they can be changed or edited.





The app provides the users with multitudes of options in this regard. If you do not want to add your location in the app manually every time  you move from one place to another, all you have to do is to switch on Auto Detect Current Location feature from the settings and Weather Mate will follow you, thereby automatically updating your current location and showing you the relevant weather data. Simultaneously, if you want to stay updated with the meteorological details of locations other than your current location, the app lets you add more locations as well and you can also choose your default location. Another interesting option is the selection of a default weather station for all the added locations. Moreover, you can also turn severe weather push notification alerts on as well.

Weather Settings

  • Weather Widget Styles: The users can choose between text-only screen mode to view attractive weather backgrounds. However, for those interested in widgeted displays, basic and advanced display modes are available.

  • Weather Units: Depending upon your individual preference and your regional settings, you can use different weather units. The users can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit units of temperature. Kilometers and miles are the units available for visibility. Pressure can be viewed in terms of millimeters (mm), inches (in), millibar (mbar) and hectopascal (hPa). The units of wind speed integrated in the app include kilometer per hour (km/h), miles per hour (mph), meter per second (m/s), knots and beaufort.

  • Sounds: Sound effects for various animations and severe weather alerts are available to the user and can triggered on and off from the settings.



  • Clock: The user can choose between a clock with 12-hour format and that with 24-hour format. Local time can also be switched on and off.

  • Weather Screen Backgrounds: Weather Mate can change the various backgrounds according to the prevalent weather conditions in your area. A user can also use his/own picture in the app’s background.

  • Temperature on Home Screen Icon’s Badge:

    Owing to certain restrictions imposed by iOS, negative numbers cannot be displayed on the home screen’s icon. So, a user is given the options to show negative temperature as positive on badge, append 7000 to negative temperature on badge and/or not to show negative temperature on badge.

  • Freeze Alert:

    This alert notifies the user when the temperature goes below or above 0 degrees.

Weather Mate has all the ingredients to make life happy not only for the weather savvy enthusiasts but also for those users who want access to basic yet accurate and reliable weather information. You can make Weather Mate your own by virtue of these customization options that the app provides.