Christmas 2015 Weather Forecast for Metropolitan America

Christmas 2015 Weather Forecast for Metropolitan America

Christmas is a day full of happiness and that happiness is meant to bed shared with everyone around you. Filled with cheer and joy, it is a day when everyone indulges themselves into massive celebrations. At one place we find a group of young men dressed as Father Christmas performing Gangnam. On the other hand, scores of people jump into the sea to participate in the traditional annual Christmas swimming championship.

With all the joy and love in the air, however, weather is one variable that is bound to influence your plans for the Christmas day. Its therefore better to stay ahead of the weather and remain prepared for any unanticipated weather patterns. So let’s take a sneak peek at how the weather is likely to behave in American metropolitan cities on Christmas 2015!

1 – New York

New York

This Christmas Eve is shaping up to be the warmest on record in many communities. There is, however, likelihood of a few showers despite the warmth with temperatures soaring in the low 70s and humidity around 76%. So, if you are planning an outdoor activity, you better get hold of an umbrella. Christmas day will be an exact replica of Thursday but the passage of the cold front will ease the warmth. Temperatures meanwhile will still be around high 60s with considerably humidity. The December records are certainly going to take a beating this year in the east owing to the prevalent warmth.

2 – Miami


Searingly high temperatures around 83 Fahrenheit are expected to stay throughout the Christmas day with a humidity of about 77%. There will be scattered chances of thunderstorm in a few communities. Due to the strong El Nino unfolding, many places that historically have a high probability to receive snow will miss out this year.

3 – Chicago


/Partially cloudy weather is expected in Chicago this Christmas as the temperatures will be around 45 Fahrenheit. And with humidity of 65%, winds with speed of 10 mph will blow throughout the day.

4 – Memphis


There have been a few times when there was snow on the ground Christmas morning in Memphis but this is not going to be one of those Christmas this year. With 100% chances of precipitation virtually throughout the day, the temperatures will remain in the high 60s and the humidity will be extremely high around 93%. While a Memphis snow is rare on Christmas Day, rain has fallen several times. The wettest Christmas Day came in 1987 when 4.24 inches of rain soaked Memphis.

5 – New Orleans

New Orleans

There is a forecast of scattered thunderstorms in New Orleans this Christmas day as the highs will be around 79 degrees while there will be around 40% probability of rain. The winds are expected to blow with speeds of 16 mph.

6 – Denver


THe chances of a White Christmas in Denver look pretty slim but most of the folks will still be keeping their fingers crossed with 10% chances of snow on Christmas eve and Christmas day. The freshest snow to fall for Christmas morning was just three years ago, when nearly 3 inches of the stuff fell at Denver International Airport overnight on Christmas Eve. Last year saw even more snow on Christmas, but the storm didn’t start until the afternoon.

7 – Phoenix


The temperatures will dip as the Christmas day comes to a close, and the probability of rain will double. Thursday, Friday and Saturday have a 20 percent chance of showers. A cloudy Christmas morning will bring a chill of 46, and the temperature will top out at 59. The end of Christmas will bring the beginning of a cold spell, similar to the freezing nights and brisk days of earlier this month.

8 – Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Temperatures in Los Angeles through Thursday are forecast to run in the middle to upper 60s F. Christmas Day may bring a brief drop in temperatures with highs in the upper 50s and lows in the upper 30s.

9 – San Francisco

San Francisco

There is a forecast of sunny weather in San Francisco this Christmas day as the highs will be around mid 50s while there will be around 50% probability of rain. The winds are expected to blow with speeds of 10 mph.

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