America’s 10 Best Destinations for a Summer Escape in August

America’s 10 Best Destinations for a Summer Escape in August

It’s the month of August and it’s summer time. The schools will be in session soon. So, you better pack up your bags, fill up your car and hit the road to one of these magnificent summer escape in august destinations.

1 – Santa Barbara, California


With a perfect temperature all year round, this serene and calm town at the base of the Santa Ynez mountain offers cool ocean breeze, a downtown where you can take a long walk and a broad range of hiking opportunities. The beaches in Santa Barbara offer plenty of summer delights to the tourists. The Butterfly Beach boasts the most romantic sunset you could ever imagine while the Goleta Beach is famous among the locals who hold the vibrant Barbecue parties. In addition to its posh reputation, Santa Barbara is full of hip eateries, wineries and stories.

2 – Wellfleet, Massachusetts


The sleepy town of Well-fleet presents tons of opportunities for water-sports such as kayaking. The calm waters of the bay also let you hike and bike along the sea shore while the Well-fleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary boast amazing salt marshes, barrier reef, birds and marine life. Well-fleet’s kettle ponds which are glacier-carved, spring-fed bodies of fresh water are a treat to behold. Numerous educational programs are offered for the adults and the children alike during the summers. Home to about 20 art galleries, Well-fleet also includes a drive-in movie theater which will take you right back to the 1960s.

3 – Seattle, Washington


Seattle is a city that perhaps loves summer more than any other city in the country. Whether you want to hang out in the great city parks or buzz around in seaplanes, summers are a whole lot fun in this part of the world where the weather stays pretty much dry and sunny throughout the summer. Mount Rainier is an eye-catching monument of nature which hides itself in the cloud cover almost throughout the remaining part of the year.

4 – San Diego, California


In addition to a lovely beach weather all the year round, San Diego comes up with its fabulous cultural activities during the summers. The amazing ComiCon convention and events at the Del Mar racetrack are definitely worth watching if you happen to be there this time of the year. San Diego offers number of attractions for families with the city’s local zoo, SeaWorld, and the fantastic Legoland.

5 – Chicago, Illinois


This Pedestrian-friendly city also known as the Windy City, has a tremendously beautiful skyline which quite amply makes up for the absence of a beach in the city. People can be seen spiking volleyballs and strolling along the lake shores during the summers.

6 – Honolulu, Hawaii


The capital of Hawaii, remains virtually dry during the summers, hence, giving sufficient time to the surfers to ply their trade. There are more deals on offer in Hawaii during the summers as well. When in Hawaii, do not forget to explore Hawaii’s natural beauty by visiting Kauai, Volcanoes National Park, Manele Bay and Maui.

7 – The Main Highlands, Maine


Warm weather in the main highlands in Maine provides a great opportunity for a summer escape. Located in the Baxter State Park, Mount Katahdin, is an ideal place for those who revel in adventures. The Baxter State Park is full of natural resources and idyllic views. You can go out fishing, enjoy a lot of watersport, fishing and swimming. A cruise in the steamship Katahdin is worth the ride while the moose safari is definitely breathtaking.

8 – Knoxville, Tennessee


Situated on the bank of the River Tennessee and at the base of the Smoky mountains, this warm weather town includes the pedestrian-only Market Square which features art fountains that are meant to be splashing around in. Any summer holiday in Knoxville is incomplete without getting out there on that river. Whether you take a lounge on a cruise-boat or go out kayaking, you will have a time of your life in those waters for sure.

9 – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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With plenty of recreation opportunities, seafood and mind-blowing sunset, Rehoboth Beach in Delaware is a serene, calm location that is not overcrowded and is bound to offer you lots and lots of relaxing time. The best thing about Rehoboth’s community vibe is the abundance of inclusive, family-friendly events that take place during the summer months.

10 – Boulder, Colorado


The amazingly cool mountain air of Boulder is particularly inviting during the summers. The Bald Mountain Trail is a short hike to the 7,000 feet high Bald Mountain’s top. Head over to the Eldorado Canyon to hike among the sandstone or climb on the face of it. You can partake in community folk dancing and live music performances at various parks weekly.

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