6 Fantastic Festivals Around the World that Celebrate Advent of Spring Season

6 Fantastic Festivals Around the World that Celebrate Advent of Spring Season

The arrival of spring is marked by the blooming of fabulous flowers, cool fresh breezes and a distinct serenity enveloping the entire atmosphere. It’s time for the people to celebrate the arrival of the colorful season. People all over the world meanwhile have their own traditions and cultures regarding this season. In our last blog post, we told you the ideal places to visit to spend your spring vacation in. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the ways people around the globe celebrate the arrival of the spring season.


1 – The New Day


The celebrations of Nowruz (The New Day) last for 13 days in Iran during the month of March close to the vernal equinox. Nowruz marks the beginning of the new year in Persian and is celebrated with great zeal and zest throughout the country. People decorate their homes, purchase new clothes, visit their loved ones and go out for picnics on the 13th day. They also participate in a symbolic spring meal called as Haft Seen.


2 – Festival of Colors


Dressed in decadent clothes are you on the day of Holi? Well, you’ve committed a huge mistake as you are definitely going to be bombarded with colorful water and powder. Celebrated on the first day after the first full moon of March, Holi is primarily a Hindu religious tradition. This festival celebrates the victory of the good over the evil. People light bonfires and come together in a collective euphoria. And despite its religious roots, Holi witnesses huge secular participation all over the world as well.


3 – Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival is celebrated in Ottawa, the capital of Canada in the month of May. It is a reminiscent of the great gesture extended by Canada towards to the Princess of Netherlands and her children by providing them refuge while the Nazis occupied their country. Along with tulips of multifarious species, the festival includes music, performances and food from all over the world.


4 – Festival of Water Battles

Songkran Water festival

The streets of Thailand present scenes of intense water battles in the mid of April. Hundreds of people sprinkle buckets of water on each other as they celebrate the Songkran Water festival. The celebrations which lasts for three days marks the commencement of the Thai new year. Youngsters wash the hands of their elders as they seek their best wishes and prayers. Shops are also lined up with buckets of water and children ride on the backs of trucks as they throw balloons of water on passersby.


5 – Cherry Blossoms Festival

Cherry Blossoms Festival

Cherry Blossoms symbolize the fleeting nature of life with their prolific beauty and grandeur. Japanese leave their homes and head outside for picnics with their families in this festival. In doing so, they indulge themselves in sumptuous culinary delicacies ranging from junk food to traditional Japanese food delights. Pickled Cherry Blossom leaves are also one of the most fancied food items on the occasion.


6 – Festival of Fireworks

Las Fallas

Beginning from the 1st of March and going till the 19th, Las Fallas is a festival celebrated in Valencia, Spain in the remembrance of St. Joseph. Puppets made of paper mache (paper, wax and wood) represent huge satirical figures and are set alight on the last day of the festival. There’s music, dancing and food all over the place along with daily fireworks throughout the nineteen days of the festival.

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