5 of The Most Scenic Swimming Spots in the U.S

5 of The Most Scenic Swimming Spots in the U.S

With the summer at almost full swing and the sun shining over our heads, we’ve reached the time of the year when we start searching for relaxing destinations to blow off the heat. And what can be more relaxing in this enduring weather than a nice dip in some cold waters of some river or a lake. Well that’s exactly what this post has lined up for you. So lets share the top 5 swimming spots in the U.S for all of the outgoing folks reading this.

Havasu Falls, Arizona:


The first on our list of 5, this oasis in the Grand Canyon desert has a truly breath taking view. It also is one of the hardest place to get to. There are apparently 3 ways to reach it; i-e on a helicopter, through a 10 mile hike or on a mule. A permit is also needed which makes the whole thing even more complicated. But the place and the view is worth the effort when one reaches these blue waters in the middle of the Canyon.

Oneonta Gorge Falls, Oregon:


Located in the Columbia River Gorge, the Oneonta Gorge has an amazing hike  along with a beautiful yet hidden water fall. This place is one of the most photographed locations in Oregon with thousands of visitors flooding to it year round.

Tenaya Lake, California:


The Yosemite National Park in California has more than one scenic spots to boast of. Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, this heavenly patch of land is a tourist hot spot all year round. And when it comes to swimming options, it doesn’t get much better than the Tanaya lake. The combination of epic views accompanied by quiet and serene beauty can give anyone a nostalgic boost after the first visit.

Sliding Rock, North Carolina:


Known for its unique slippery rock interface, this mini water fall in North Carolina has a 7 foot deep pool waiting at the bottom. Its more of a water slide than a water fall with the 60 foot cascading plunge pumping all sorts of adrenaline into anyone taking on this daring feat.

Johnson’s Shut-ins, Missouri:


Johnson’s Shut-in State Park is the crown jewel of the Missouri state park system. Tourists here can enjoy the shallows of the East Fork of the Black River, and use mother nature’s hydraulics in the shut-ins to shoot through. The river also spills into many creeks around igneous rocks, thus forming a natural water park.

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