5 Interesting Inventions to Help You Get through this Chilly Winter

5 Interesting Inventions to Help You Get through this Chilly Winter

As winters creep in, frigid temperatures, lots of snow and slick roadways greet us with plenty of enthusiasm. In addition to joys and pleasures of winters, one has to cope with multifarious hazards and annoyances. In this post, we are going to share with you some of the interesting inventions that, we hope, will help you get through this chilly winter while keeping you warm.

1 – Rechargeable Heated Gloves


Planning to make a trip outside with piles of snow scattered all over the place? Frozen fingers won’t let you enjoy your guts out. Won’t they? Generally, the common type of gloves cannot provide much needed warmth when temperatures drop. In order to get rid of this issue, a Canadian scientist, Ken Cheung, has come up with a novel invention in the shape of heated glove liners. This contraption was engineered originally for cyclists to help them ply their trade during winters with warm hands. But you can also put them on and prevent your hands from freezing. Powered by a 12V source, these glove liners also come with an inbuilt temperature control. Pretty impressive, eh? Your fingers are not getting any colder this winter, we suppose!

2 – Robotic Snowplow


If you are trying to figure out a way to remove piles of snow from your backyard, then this Japanese robot named Yuki-taro might lend you some help. This robot is equipped with GPS and ingests snow from its front. It then compresses it into bricks of ice at the back. However, in order to purchase this smart little machine, you will have to pay around $9,000. These types of robots are still in the process of development and we hope that with the passage of time, robotic snow removers will come to the rescue of mankind more often than not.

3 – Snow Melting Mats


Put these incredible snow melting mats by HeatTrak on steps and pathways outside your homes or offices and let the technology work out its magic. These mats boast a design that provides extra traction to their walkers while they melt snow and ice; leaving clear path for the travelers. The elderly and the differently-abled can certainly benefit from this novel invention. Surely, a convenient way to eliminate snow and ice accumulation around your home and workplace.

4 – Beet Juice and Cheese Brine


For a long long time, rock salt has been used by municipalities all over the United States to prevent snow from piling up on sidewalks and roadways. However, owing to dwindling supplies of salt, authorities are now looking to use rather bizarre alternatives to prevent snow from building up. In Wisconsin and Minnesota, Cheese Brine has been used in this regard. However, eyebrows have been raised at its adverse effect on climate. In some areas, a mixture of beet juice and rock salt has also been employed.

5 – Solar Roadways


Solar Roadways is a startup company that has come up with a novel idea. By lining roadways with solar cells, they endeavor to use the energy stored via sunlight to melt snow and prevent ice and snow from accumulating on roadways. Hence, in addition to getting renewable energy, large amounts of expenditure made by the transportation department during winters can be saved.