4 Music Events To Attend This Summer In The U.S

4 Music Events To Attend This Summer In The U.S

The cold breezes of winter have finally receded and have given way to an incoming year that is full of festivities and fun loaded events. There is much to be excited about this spring & summer. And those of us who hold a certain taste for the dance & music lifestyle would definitely be looking forward to many of the music events in the U.S that await us. With the dates announced & the line-ups finalized, it’s time we take a look at what’s on offer this year round.

Coachella 1: April 14-16, 2017

Empire Polo Club, Indio California

We kick start the list with Coachella 1. 1 because there’s more to come. Every year this fun filled festival is held at the Coachella Valley for Music & Art in Indio, California. With time it has evolved to establish its position at the forefront of music events in the U.S. That is evident from Indio city council’s approval for the expansion of the capacity of Coachella from 99,000 people to 125,000. With such a mass of party loving humanity gathered at one place, the 2nd weekend of April this year promises to be a crazy time for the Colorado desert inhabitants. And did we mention the lineup for this year? Well it boosts the names of Hans Zimmer, Lady Gaga and Martin Garrix among others. Need we say more?

Ultra Music Festival: March 24-26, 2017

Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida

Ultra Music Festival, Miami has to be the only music fiesta that can rival the Holy Mecca of party i.e. Tomorrowland Belgium. The event has achieved almost cult status with time while boosting some of the biggest names in the line-up. And the line-up this year promises to be no less than epic. With the legendary names of Armin van Buuren, Axwell & Ingrosso, David Guetta, Hardwell & Alan Walker already announced, 2017’s installment of Ultra Music Festival will surely live up to its high expectations.

Coachella 2: April 21-23, 2017

Yup, we told you there was more coming. It seems that the party freaks of the California desert weren’t satisfied with just one weekend of jubilation. 2012 saw the event extend to a period of 2 weekends due to the growing fan base. So now its double the fun, double the excitement and two fold the memories. And the best part is that if you miss the first weekend, there’s always 3 more days waiting to knock your socks off.

Sunfest 2017: May 3rd-7th, 2017

West Palm Beach, Florida

The beach, the sun and a crowd that loves the jam as much as you. Life seems complete when you think of Sunfest Music Festival that takes place on West Palm Beach, Florida. This 5 day nonstop ride of craziness is sure to leave you aching for more when one skims over this year’s lineup. With names of Macklemore, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida and Marshmallow popping up, this is one party that will surely be heard across the Atlantic on the shores of Europe.

And if all of this party isn’t enough to numb your senses, there’s always the option of flying off the Europe and attend the Holy Grail of EDM festivals in Belgium i.e. Tomorrowland. With the party taking place day & night under the sky in a crowd of 180000+, be sure to carry with you the best weather app in your I-phone. Just in case it rains over you Pitbull style or whether you have to make the sun shine with Axwell & Ingrosso.