24 Jaw Dropping Photographs of This Week’s Thunderstorms in the Plains & Midwest

24 Jaw Dropping Photographs of This Week’s Thunderstorms in the Plains & Midwest

While another round of severe thunderstorms is likely to hit the Southern plains this weekend, we had an outbreak of harsh weather systems in the Plains, Deep South and Midwest. Multiple rounds of rainfall has already caused flash flooding in the Mississippi Valley while tornado touchdowns in certain areas have caused tremendous damage to property and infrastructure. In this post, we will be sharing with you some incredible photographs depicting the impact of the severe weather over the last week.

1 – Barn No More


The wreckage of a barn from a closer angle. The barn was destroyed as an EF-1 tornado made a touchdown a couple of nights ago in Zionsville. (Photo Credit: LindseyEatoNews/twitter.com)

2 – Debris Everywhere


The high winds believed to be a funnel cloud with estimated speeds of 100mph caused significant damage to the barn and the surrounding residential properties. (Photo Credit: LindseyEatoNews/twitter.com)

3 – Sheriff’s Deputy Sees a Funnel Cloud


A funnel cloud was spotted in Boone County by one of the deputies of Sheriff Mike Nielson picking up the barn and then slamming it into the ground. (Photo Credit: Sheriff Mike Nielson/twitter.com/LindseyEatoNews)

4 – Another Funnel Cloud Spotted


Amanda Lee, a local resident, was also able to spot the funnel cloud from the truck stop in Zionsville. Luckily for us, she had her smartphone camera ready to grab its photograph! (Photo Credit: Amanda Lee/twitter.com/LindseyEatoNews)

5 – Roads Blocked


High winds took down this massive tree dropping it down on Petersburg Road just north of Boonville New Harmony Road. (Photo Credit: Cody Greifzu/twitter.com/Jessica14News)

6 – Trees Uprooted


Jennifer Vaughn, a local, photographed this home on East Florida Street. (Photo Credit: Jennifer Vaughn/twitter.com/Jessica14News)

7 – Tornado in Evansville


A stoplight dangling in the middle of an intersection as the high winds tore it apart from its original position at Columbia & Stringtown in Evansville. (Photo Credit: Jeff Bryant/twitter.com/Jessica14News)

8 – Some More Clouds


A view of funnel cloud near Winston, Missouri. (Photo Credit: TheNowKC/twitter.com)

9 – House on Fire


Lightning sparked fire in a neighborhood in North Texas. The fire department was quick to reach the location and put off the fire. (Photo Credit: NBCDFW/twitter.com)

10 – Three Twisters


Three twisters touched down in Grayson County — an EF0 and two rated as EF1 and ripped apart the roof of a local school resulting in its temporary shutdown. (Photo Credit: AMaxwellHD/twitter.com/)

11 – House Destroyed


National Weather Service Fort Worth assess tornado damage at a house in Howe. (Photo Credit: AMaxwellHD/twitter.com/)

12 – More Destruction


One storage shed is gone and the other is falling done in Whitesboro by a tornado rated EF1 with wind speed of 90mph. (Photo Credit: AMaxwellHD/twitter.com/)

13 – Storage Sheds from Another Angle


Storage sheds behind a home on North Avenue were toppled in Whitesboro. (Photo Credit: AMaxwellHD/twitter.com/)

14 – Roof Blown Away


A duplex on North Avenue in Whitesboro has its roof blown off. (Photo Credit: AMaxwellHD/twitter.com/)

15 – Hoping to Rebuild


This Luther family of five have their home devastated but they are thankful to be alive and are hopeful that they can rebuild. (Photo Credit: Ashleykringen/twitter.com)

16 – Baseball Sized Hail


Hail as big as baseballs were reported by the local media near Sharon in Oklahoma. (Photo Credit: JedCastles/twitter.com)

17 – Amazing Clouds


A picturesque scene of with a wall Cloud tucked in behind shelf cloud. (Photo Credit: brian emfinger/twitter.com/JedCastles)

18 – Supercell Spotted


HP supercell near Tipton. (Photo Credit: robsatf5/twitter.com/JedCastles)

19 – Extra Large Hail


A picture of what was found at a house between Bremen and Herkimer in Marshall County. Photo: Pat Bussmann (Photo Credit: NWSTopeka/twitter.com)

20 – Fabulous Funnel


An amazing shot by an amateur storm chaser of the astounding funnel clouds. (Photo Credit: Shwags_wxchaser/twitter.com/NWSTopeka)

21 – Gorgeous Shot


Another funnel cloud captured looking nothwest past Belleville. (Photo Credit: dangottschalk/twitter.com/NWSTopeka)

22 – Narrow Escape


A tree barely missed falling on a home in the Chesterfield Valley after storms rolled through. (Photo Credit: KMOV/twitter.com)

23 – Awesome Clouds


Kaelie Mense captured this photo of clouds near Washington, Missouri. (Photo Credit: Kaelie Mense/twitter.com/KMOV)

24 – Cloudy Downtown


Great picture from a weather freak in downtown. (Photo Credit: Jake H./twitter.com/KMOV)

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