23 Photographs of the Flooded Midwest & South as Severe Mid June Weather Wreaks Havoc

23 Photographs of the Flooded Midwest & South as Severe Mid June Weather Wreaks Havoc

Another week of heavy rains has flooded parts of the plains causing large scale evacuations and water rescues in the states of Texas, Indiana and Oklahoma. Navarro County in the southeast of Dallas also saw a number of water rescues as portions of the Interstate 45 had to be shut down due to flooding. Five roofs caught fire as lightning struck them in the midst of a violent storm in Trophy Club, north of Fort Worth. Two houses received partial damage, one had serious damage while the other lost roofs and second floors. Fortunately enough, no casualties were reported.

Down in Oklahoma, with rainfall rates of over an inch per hour, heavy rain inundated several areas. Flash floods caused large scale evacuations as the firefighters urged people stranded in flood water to stay where they were until help arrived. One person is dead in Graves County, Kentucky, after a tree fell during a storm and crushed the vehicle occupied by the victim. About twenty five thousand customers were left without power in Nashville and Indianapolis, as severe storms roared through the Midwest and South. Meanwhile to the west of Indianapolis, 66 mph winds were reported by the National Weather Service. As Severe Mid June Weather continues to batter the storm weary Midwest and South, we bring to you more photos documented by the social media users.

1 – Going, Going & Gone!


A car almost submerged in water can be seen in this image as heavy rain inundated the entire area in Maysville. (Image: Twitter/@JEROMYCARTER1)

2 – State Highway Under Water


Oklahoma State Highway 19 just east of Maysville under plenty of rain water. Water rescues had to be carried out in Lawton, Oklahoma, where several vehicles were stranded in high water near Sheridan and B streets. (Image: Twitter/@JEROMYCARTER1)

3 – Flooding in Lawton ‏


A photograph taken by a local in Lawton showing cars struggling through loads of rainwater on roads. State Highway 7 between Lawton and Duncan had to be shut down Sunday due to the flooding of Beaver Creek. (Image: Twitter/@Gospel Fuel)

4 – Water Everywhere


A vehicle wades through a flooded street in Lawton, Oklahoma. Vehicles were stranded on highway for hours as it had to be shut down because of the floods in the area. (Image: Twitter/@Gospel Fuel)

5 – Vehicles Stranded


Oklahoma State Highway 3 was shutdown because of torrential rains and flash floods. (Image: Twitter/@Fancy Ky)

6 – Bridges Damaged


A bridge in Gavin County in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma, is washed out by floodwaters. (Image: Facebook/Gavin County Sheriff’s Office)

7 – Floods Rule the Roost


Flood water submerged large swathes of land in the areas surrounding Gavin County in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma after severe weather deposited tons of rain in the Midwest and South. (Image: Facebook/Gavin County Sheriff’s Office)

8 – Roads Inundated


Flooding swallows a road in Gavin County in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma. Water up to three feet deep was reported across State Highway 19 in Gavin County and numerous streets in Paul’s Valley had to be closed due to water up to a foot deep. (Image: Facebook/Gavin County Sheriff’s Office)

9 – Traffic Blocked


Floodwaters cover a road in Gavin County in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma. Parked vehicles meanwhile wait for the rain to slow down so that can be well on their way to their destination. (Image: Facebook/Gavin County Sheriff’s Office)

10 – Some More Water

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A bridge is submerged under floodwaters in Maysville, Oklahoma. (Image: Instagram/Laura Webb)

11 – Turn Around Don’t Drown


A man braves his way through a flooded road trying to guide his vehicle through. Several vehicles became stranded in high water due to flash floods brought about by heavy rains in the Midwest and South. ‏(Image: Twitter/@Waynetwpfire/Twitter)

12 – Lots of Water Rescues


Firefighters rescued women and two dogs from floodwaters on the west side of Indianapolis, on Eagle Valley Pass, near Crawfordsville Road. Four to five inches of rain in two days led to flooded roads and neighborhoods, with people needing to be rescued. (Image: Wayne Twp. Fire Dept.)

13 – Amazing Wall Clouds


A fantastic capture from the car of the fabulous wall clouds near Cloverdale. (Image: Samantha Neese via WTHR)

14 – Nice View from Up Here!


Aerial views of flooding in Eagle Valley, Indianapolis. (Image: Twitter/@Waynetwpfire)

15 – Roofs Blown Away


High winds blew the roof off of Bethany Village Apartments on Shelby Street, Indianapolis. Heavy Water Damage caused 79 residents to be relocated. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. (Image: IFD via WTHR)

16 – The Storm Approaches!


A superb capture of the approaching storm. The deluge of over an inch by the heavy downpour sent several cars submerged and houses damaged. (Image: Colleen O’Brien via WTHR)

17 – Magnificent Shot!


A mind blowing photograph of storm clouds from an apartment. (Image: Patricia Ziegler Lopez via WTHR)

18 – Trees Uprooted


The uprooted trees in the storm block a road in the Troy and Keystone area, just south of Indianapolis. (Image: Sarah Stone Taylor via WTHR)

19 – Some More Storm Clouds


Another beautiful scene of the storm clouds in Greenwood, Indiana. (Image: Nikki Ward via WTHR)

20 – Storm Sweeps Away Foliage


Gusty winds have ripped out trees on 46th & Boulevard, Indianapolis. (Image: via WTHR)

21 – Tornado in Vacation Paradise


A tornado touched down in the Bahamas near the town of Nassau. ‏(Image: Twitter/@Sooner1990Rob)

22 – Rare Tornado in Bahamas


Tornadoes may be rare in Bahamas but not unprecedented. (Image: Twitter/@OvaDoseTheDJ)

23 – Tornado Touchdown


The twister in Nassau is not believed to have left any damage or injuries. (Image: Twitter/@TheRealDJiGnite)