18 Weather Phobias: Which One is Your Nemesis?

18 Weather Phobias: Which One is Your Nemesis?

Fears and phobias related to weather are specific to environment-related natural phenomena. There have been many instances where people who have gone through severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes or tsunamis have been found to be suffering from memory loss, flashbacks, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other such psychological discomforts. Recent research has shown that some of the greatest fears have to do with the weather. Let’s have a look at some of the wildest weather phobias and celebrate spectacular weather moments.

18 – Kalimeraphobia (Fear of Global Warming)


Recently observed extreme weather predictions are in line with scientific predictions that global temperature rise leads to severe weather events. Such events tend to create a feeling of anxiety and fear among individuals called Kalimeraphobia.

17 – Anablephobia (Fear of Looking up or the Sky Falling)


Sitting alone in a park, you take a long sigh of relief, have a look up at the sky and try to soak in all the beauty that is there to be seen. This is not a source of relaxation, however, for some of us. The fear of looking up arises from the thoughts and feelings that overwhelm an individual due to the vastness of space out there. Such an individual thinks of him/herself as a tiny speck in this whole universe without any significance. There are others who are scared of something falling from above or even the entire sky falling over them.

16 – Selenophobia (Fear of the Moon)


Also called as lunaphobia, this is the fear of the moon, moonlight or even the darkness on a moonless night. It may arise due to troublesome experiences in childhood. Fear of the full moon, also known as remaphobia, is the most feared phase of the moon. That is because the full moon is believed to incite people to commit more crimes or even transform humans into werewolves. Another reason attributed to the fear of the full moon is the belief that the moon is inhabited by evil creatures.

15 – Nephophobia (Fear of Clouds)


The fear of the clouds may surface due to traumatic experiences in the past or due to heredity or genetics. This fear can triggered from the presence of clouds in the sky or even by taking photographs of clouds in the sky. The main cause of this fear is that clouds can bring rain, lightning, thunder, snow, storms etc. and hence bring large scale destruction, death and injuries.

14 – Thermo phobia (Fear of Heat)


An abnormal and persistent fear of heat or hot temperatures, including hot water and hot objects is called thermo phobia. As with other phobias, this phobia may arise due to certain external events or internal predispositions. It is usually linked to potential damage by heat or fire. Those suffering from thermo phobia will never come near a stove, light a fire and their drinks will always be cold or tepid. Some even will prefer to stay away from direct sunlight.

13 – Achluophobia (Fear of Darkness)


Achluophobia is also known by a number of different names such as Myctophobia, scotophobia or nyctophobia. This is the abnormal fear of darkness. It is caused when a patient has gone through some dangerous or scary events in the past. For example, while watching a horror movie in the dark, an individual might think that such an event could take place with him/her in reality. The key reason for this fear is the association of dangerous events with darkness in the mind of the patient.

12 – Chionophobia (Fear of Snow)


The extreme fear or dislike of snow is called chionophobia. For adults, this fear is often caused by traffic accident when driving through snow. Another, more physiological cause is looking at bright white snow causing eye pain.

11 – Cryophobia (Fear of Cold)


This is the fear of cold or extremely low temperatures. People suffering from this fear tend to keep themselves and their surroundings warm and comfortable and avoid eating or drinking anything cold.

10 – Limnophobia (Fear of Water)


Limnophobia is the fear of water in general and fear of lakes in particular. Fear of lakes may be due to their depth as the individual suffering from it might be scared of what lies at the bed of the lake. If you do not know how to swim, you are quite likely to possess the fear of any body or mass of water.

9 – Cymophobia (Fear of Waves)


Abnormal and irrational fear of waves, sea swells and other wave like motions is called cymophobia. People generally suffering from limnophobia are believed to be possessed by the fear of waves as well. Even the sound of waves crashing against the sea shore can raise panic in the sufferers.

8 – Pagophobia (Fear of Ice or Frost)


The pagophobic individual could fear injuring themselves by slipping on ice or frost. At its most extreme, the individual suffering with Pagophobia may refuse to leave their house when ice or frost is observed outside.

7 – Ancraophobia (Fear of Wind)


Also referred to as anemophobia, Ancraophobia is the fear of wind or of drafts. This fear can produce fear of the outdoors and the open windows, but it can create panic in the sufferer when passing near a functioning hand drier or when seated in an aeroplane or a bus with the overhead air vents blowing.

6 – Ombrophobia (Fear of Rain)


The fear of rain can be associated with the weather events that occur in association with the rain. During rain, it gets dark, lightning flashes and thunder is also accompanied. Such reasons can cause feelings and thoughts which overwhelm the sufferer.

5 – Homichlophobia (Fear of Fog)


Homichlophobia or nebulaphobia is the fear of fog and may arise due to an accident in the fog. The people suffering from this phobia stop going outdoors because of this fear. They might also think that fog can roll in or imagine the existence of ghosts in the fog.

4 – Heliophobia (Fear of Sun)


Heliophobia is the fear of sun or sunlight. Some people may have developed this phobia because they are scared that if they are in the sun too long it might give them cancer.

3 – Antlophobia (Fear of Floods)


Floods being catastrophic and devastating become the cause of fear for a number of people around the world. People with this phobia often live in flood-stricken or typhoon-prone areas that experience frequent floods. Some also fear that they will be washed away by the flood and drown. The thought of drowning might also be a cause of this phobia.

2 – Lilapsophobia (Fear of Tornadoes or Hurricanes)


The fear of tornadoes and hurricanes is often traced to a negative experience. Perhaps you have been affected by severe weather that caused personal injury or property damage to you or someone you love. People with this fear always make sure that they are in a safe place and that their houses are safe from destruction. When outside, they will always look for buildings that they know they will be safe in and they would prefer to stay indoors.

1 – Brontophobia (Fear of Thunder)


An intense and persistent fear of lightning and thunder even though the sufferers realize that the thunder won’t be of any damage to them is called brontophobia. When outdoors during a storm, the sufferers might feel anxious while when indoors, they might look to hide under beds or behind sofas to avoid the sound of thunder.