15 Photographs of Tropical Storm Colin Drenching Florida

15 Photographs of Tropical Storm Colin Drenching Florida

Tropical Storm Colin made landfall in the ‪‎Florida Big Bend area on Monday evening and continued to bring heavy ‪‎rains and flooding. The wet stuff just kept on coming and so did the flooding. Colin moved north-northeast at 37 km/h with maximum sustained winds of 80 km/h. Power was also knocked out in certain areas while the storm brought about flash floods in the Gulf coast. Here are some images telling the story of how this storm drenched Florida.

1 – People Evacuated


About 30 people were evacuated and 20 chose to stay behind at Mariner’s Cove mobile home park as tropical storm Colin wreaked havoc in Florida. (Image: Lauren Rozyla-Wong/Twitter)

2 – Disconcerted Countenances


Residents look despondent as they prepare to evacuate their Mobile home park at Mariners Cove. The area is believed to have been submerged under 4 feet of water. (Image: Lauren Rozyla-Wong/Twitter)

3 – Roads Under Water


A motorist drives down a flooded street in St. Petersburg, Florida, after Tropical Storm Colin dumped heavy rains over the Tampa Bay area. (Image: James Borchuck/The Tampa Bay Times via AP)

4 – Rescuers on the Move


Emergency crew in Largo rescue a baby from Tropical Storm Colin floodwaters. (Image: Largo Police Department)

5 – Trees Uprooted


Power lines were down in front of a store located in Seffner, Florida after the storm Colin brought torrential rain in the region. (Image: @carstoreinc/Twitter.com)

6 -Tropical Storm Colin Brings High Winds


Tropical Storm Colin brought damaging winds as it approached Florida’s Gulf Coast. (Image: @cierranicolee_/twitter.com)

7 – It’s Kayaking Time


Kayaks paddle south down Palm Street in Madeira Beach, Florida, in flooding from Tropical Storm Colin. (Image: Cherie Diaz/The Tampa Bay Times via AP)

8 – Sandbags Distributed


People work to deliver sandbags to the door jams of businesses in Tapron Springs, Florida. (Image: Douglas R. Cliffor/ The Tampa Bay Times via AP)

9 – Approaching Storm


Shelf clouds moving on shore in Tampa Bay ahead of Tropical Storm Colin. (Image: @old Boone/Instagram)

10 – Soaked


Guests leave City Walk, at the Universal Orlando theme park complex, in a torrential downpour. (Image: Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel via AP)

11 – Crashing Waves


People walk along the beach as waves from Tropical Storm Colin crash along the shore on Fort Myers Beach in Florida. (Image: Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

12 – Roads Inundated


A vehicle struggles through water in Gulf port, Florida. (Image: Dick Shadd/The Tampa Bay Times via The Associated Press)

13 – Water All Around


A family waits to cross the intersection of Main Street and Washington Boulevard!

14 – The Sea Gets Angry


Waves crash outside Crab Daddy’s in St. Pete Beach. (Image Courtesy Allen Home photo)

15 – Street Flooding


Tropical Storm Colin left major Pinellas County roadways flooded. (Image: Ashley Jeffery/Twitter)