15 Incredible Photographs as Winter Storm Selene Clobbers the United States

15 Incredible Photographs as Winter Storm Selene Clobbers the United States

The winter storm Selene has dampened the spirits of people in the Rocky Mountain West as they were getting ready to welcome the arrival of the Spring season. The storm, leaving two dead in Wisconsin, made its presence felt by dumping more than two feet of snow in the West, Rockies and High Plains. Major travel problems were caused in Colorado and Wyoming. With the shutting down of the Denver International Airport and cancellation of more than 1,000 flights, several crucial interstates had to be closed in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. In this post, we have collated photographs of the winter storm Selene which is likely to bring ice and snow to the portions of upstate New York and northern New England this Friday.

1 – Sleet and Snow All Around


A lone walker makes his way through a snow-covered road in Fort Collins. More than 30 inches of snow fell from this storm alone in parts of Colorado.

2 – Relentless Storm


A man walks down a street in Boulder, Colorado as a massive spring storm enveloped the Rocky Mountain West. The storm brought the visibilities down to unsafe levels for travel.

3 – White Stuff Galore


Plenty of white stuff dumped this week in Colorado with up to 31.6 inches of snow in Pinecliffe.

4 – Clearing the Snow


With abundant snowfall in the vicinity, a girl in Fort Collins gets to use a snowblower to clear the footpath.

5 – Snow Plowers in Fashion


A woman clears snow of the road using a snow plower as the storm settles down after dumping tons of snow.

6 – Unforgiving Weather


Pedestrians wait to cross the street as bulldozers remove deep slush as a spring snowstorm passes over Boulder, Colorado.

7 – Visibility Becomes Low


Visibilities were drawn to dangerously low levels causing lots of problems for the travellers. Interstates had to be shut down owing to unfavorable travel conditions.

8 – Winter Storm on a Rampage


City of Milwaukee employee works on clearing snow. Heavy snow and strong winds shut down some highways and schools and canceled flights.

9 – Selene in all its Awe


A plow endeavors to move snow from a road in Northern Colorado Springs, Colorado.

10 – Denver Airport Shut Down


Denver Airport had to be shut down as enormous amounts of snow blanketed the entire territory.

11 – Spring Storm Blankets Denver

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Pedestrians can be seen climbing a hill south of the State Capitol.

12 – Flights Suspended


Thousands of flights had to be suspended, flight operations halted or rescheduled in the midst of the severe spring storm.

13 – Time for Some Winter Sports


A skier makes hay while the storm batters the Rocky Mountain West.

14 – Snowy Scenes


Adorable scenes of objects clad in snow were seen as the winter weather was brought to the United States despite the spring equinox.

15 – Vehicles Stuck in Snow


A car can be seen totaled on an interstate highway as the Winter Storm Selene wreaks havoc.

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