14 Mind Blowing Photographs of London Under Water

14 Mind Blowing Photographs of London Under Water

A whole month’s worth of rain in one day has ended up soaking the United Kingdom as heavy downpours and flash floods caused carnage across the country. The storms were so sensational that daily life was hampered, cars submerged and roads were turned into rivers. We are going to share with you some of the recent photographs that emerged on mainstream media displaying the damage caused by the flash floods that took London under water.

1 – Flash Flooding


The scene outside North Harrow station as vehicle struggle to move through the large puddle of water. (Image Courtesy Evening Standard)

2 – It’s Rescue Time


Firefighters rescued commuters from a flooded Tube station after London was hit by a second day of flash floods caused by torrential downpours. (Image: BluelightTV/Twitter)

3 – Terrifying Lightning


Whilst dealing with an uninsured Focus, Bedford was subject to some quite nasty weather! (Image: BCH Road Policing/Twitter)

4 – Cars Swamped


The scene in Wallington where at least three vehicle were swamped by the rain water. (Image: Twitter / Paul Jolly)

5 – Some More Rescues


Three people were rescued from their submerged cars in Wallington. (Image: London Fire Brigade)

6 – Rain Water Takes Over


Cars submerged in Wallington! (Image: Nick Fairbrother)

7 – Umbrellas Unleashed


Pedestrians make their way across a road in London as torrential rain continues to pour down. (Image Courtesy Daily Mail)

8 – Heavens Open


Pedestrians shield themselves from the rain during heavy showers in London, Britain. (Image Courtesy Daily Mail)

9 – Flooded Streets


Downpours in Birmingham caused massive flash flooding submerging vehicles in large puddles of water. (Image Courtesy Daily Mail)

10 – Soaked


A family braves through the heavy rain shielding themselves in umbrellas when a month’s rain pelted down in a single day. (Image Courtesy Daily Mail)

11 – Emergency Responders on the Move


Emergency responders rescue folks stranded in submerged vehicles. (Image Courtesy Hartford Courant)

12 – More Predictions of Rain


Londoners were caught in sudden downpours for the second consecutive day with more rains being predicted. (Image: Getty Images)

13 – Caught Out!


A woman runs through heavy rain in Westminster as the rain soaks her dress and shopping bag. (Image Courtesy Daily Mail via Getty Images)

14 – Good luck selling that!


A tourist stall gets soaked as a man on a jog makes the most of the wet weather. (Image Courtesy Daily Mail via Getty Images)