10 Gorgeous Destinations to Spend Your Spring Break In

10 Gorgeous Destinations to Spend Your Spring Break In

As we get relieved of the frigid temperatures, relentless storms and the unforgiving hurricanes, we are about to step at the threshold of the spectacular spring season. The sublime thoughts of an inviting spring season are enough to overwhelm your heart and mind with an unprecedented serenity. The mind-numbing aroma of the flora and fauna meanwhile engender an environment to enthrall the living beings with their beauty. In this article, we have enlisted for you the top 10 gorgeous destinations where you can spend this year’s spring break. Such a holiday can get your minds and bodies freshened up and firing for the rest of the year.

10 – Salzburg (Austria)


The spring season in Salzburg is slightly chilly but the main attraction for travelers is the freedom to move about in neatly pruned gardens. Salzburg is home to a classical European garden known as the Mirabell which date back to the 1600s. The gardens also feature marvelous sculptures, magnificent floral displays and adorable fountains that liven up the spirits of the beholders. And as the cold subsides, the number of travelers increases. The city becomes ready to host a variety of festivals as well that intends to introduce the tourists to the rich and antediluvian traditions of this historic city.

9 – Pennsylvania (United States of America)


Pennsylvania houses Long wood Gardens encompassing 1,077 acres of land and boasts more than 11,000 different flowers and trees. The gardens include about 3 miles of stunning walking trails. The botanical gardens meanwhile are also home to various species of animals such as deer, beavers, butterflies etc. About 20 indoor gardens are also located in the Orangery spread over 4.5 acres as well. Floral exhibitions and displays are held all over the year while during the summer season, fountain shows, music concerts and fireworks are portrayed for the amusement of thousands of visitors.

8 – Piedmont (Italy)


Situated in the northwestern part of Italy is the region of Piedmont. It includes one of the most gorgeous botanical gardens in the world. Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto is spread over almost 16 hectares of land and serves as a protected spot for over 20,000 species of flora and fauna. Italian style sculptures, terraces, fountains and waterfalls are a sight to behold here. The walkways on the other hand are lined up with flowers boasting spectacular beauty. During the spring season, various kinds of tulip flowers are also displayed for the visitors.

7 – Lahore (Pakistan)


The city of Lahore, capital of the Punjab province in Pakistan, is known for its fabulous spring season attractions. It houses one of the world’s most prolific gardens known as the Shalimar Gardens. These were built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the seventeenth century. Laid out in the form of a parallelogram, this picturesque landscape is surrounded on all four sides with high walls. The lovely fountains along with neatly pruned gardens and stunning walking trails add to the beauty of this historic landscape.

6 – Alajuela (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica

La Paz Waterfall gardens in Alajuela, CostaRica house almost 100 species of native animals. A short path leads to the backside of the waterfall as well where a small shrine has been built. These gardens however are the true manifestation of the exuberant nature that awakens the senses. Lush tropical rain forest, flowing white rivers, birds, butterflies, sloths, snakes and jaguars; the visitors are guaranteed to see them all.

5 – British Columbia (Canada)


Located in Brent-wood Bay, Canada are the Butchart gardens. These gardens spread across 22 hectares of land and house more than 700 species. Thousands of butterflies, parrots, peacocks and other birds can also be found in this exotic place. This place also hosts numerous musical evenings, light shows and other cultural and traditional events for visitors.

4 – Ishikawa (Japan)


Kenroku-en (garden combining six) are one of the three great gardens situated in Japan and occupy 11.4 hectares of land. The stunning features of these gardens are the phenomenal cherry blossom flowers which bloom in the spring season. Admission to the visitors meanwhile is allowed for free in the gardens for two weeks during the spring season.

3 – Versailles Palace (France)


Situated to the west of the Versailles Palace, the Gardens of Versailles stretch over 800 acres of land. They comprise hundreds of acres of gorgeous flower beds, an adorable canal, awesome fountains and astounding pieces of sculpture. More than 200,000 trees and 21,000 flowering plants are also contained in these colossal gardens. Most of the statues however are located near the fabulous fountains and depict mythological characters including Saturn, Neptune, Cupid etc.

2 – Dumfries (Scotland)


The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is simply one of its kind in the world. The garden is only opened publicly once a year while the floral displays take a second seat. That’s because much emphasis is laid on the depiction of novel and innovative ideas in mind focusing on the nature of things to provoke thought in the beholders.

1 – Lisse (Netherlands)


The gardens of Keukenhof are situated in the town of Lisse and are the biggest in the world with an area of 32 hectares.They furthermore contain a humongous 7 million species of flowering plants. During the spring season, visitors are treated to magnificent displays of tulips bulbs, daffodils, narcissi and bluebells. The boat ride is another exquisite feature of the garden which presents magical views of the garden. Sculptures and fountains are also additional features of these gardens.

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