Arctic Sea Ice Drops To Its Lowest Levels In Recorded History

Arctic Sea Ice Drops To Its Lowest Levels In Recorded History

The talk of the town these days in almost all environmental discussions is Global Warming. And while Donald Trump might not believe in the existence of such a phenomenon, it for sure is real. This is most evident in the way our planet is reacting to all sorts of foul play mankind is committing with it. The most lethal one of these is the emission of greenhouse gases which have led to the Earth’s temperature rise. As a result, Arctic Sea Ice has reached its thinnest point in recorded history. What’s more is the fact that the last time it went so low was as recent as 2015.

This means that the lowest recorded levels of Arctic ice have happened in the last 3 years. This surely goes a long way in proving that Greenhouse gases are having an adverse effect on Earth’s climate.

Speaking of the Arctic ice, its existence as a big white chunk of frozen water is essential to the overall dynamics of our planet. Not only does its loss effect animal habitat but also results in rising sea levels; which by no means is a good thing. Arctic sea ice data collection started back in 1979 when the satellites took images for the first time. The average thickness of Arctic ice back in the 80’s used to be 3 to 4 meters (about 10 to 13 feet). That number has dropped down to 1 to 2 meters (about 3 to 7 feet).

Arctic Sea Ice has been receding rapidly due to rising temperatures


And while there is no single reason for this phenomenon, the most drastic one is surely greenhouse gas emissions. Arctic ice as it stands is very sensitive to these gases. But it can swing both ways as the sensitivity can work in the opposite direction as well. So, if the emission of such gases is controlled in the long term, the ice sheets might not only stop melting but can make a comeback. In such a manner, a thick layer of ice can be built back in a decade’s time. All therefore is not lost when it comes to a sustained global climate. It is merely a question of will.

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