• personal_weather_solution

    Personal Weather Stations

    We provide the most localized weather conditions from the network of 33,000+ personal weather stations. Our data fills in the gaps between the airport weather stations that other weather apps rely upon. This means our data is generated from actual data points in your neighborhood.

  • high_def_radar_maps

    Hi-Def Radar Maps

    Stunning real-time hi-definition animated radar images on a fluid responsive map. Lots of other layer options including Satellite, Severe Alerts, Weather Stations, Fronts, Fire Risk, Active Fires, Hurricane, Webcams, Lightning, Tornadoes, Storms, Earthquakes.

  • weather_history

    Weather History

    Ever wondered how the weather was like on a specific day a few years back in your area? With our comprehensive weather archive you can now view historical weather data for any world-wide location for any day in the past, going back several decades.

  • travel_planner

    Travel Planner

    Planning a trip to an alien location but not sure what’s the best time of the year to visit it from a weather perspective? Weather Mate now boasts a Travel Planner which provides comprehensive weather summary between the specified dates based on historical data.

  • severe_weather_alerts

    Severe Weather Alerts

    Don’t let bad weather take you by surprise ever again with Weather Mate’s real-time push notifications for severe weather watches, warnings, advisories and all other alerts from National Weather Service (for USA / Canada) and MeteoAlarm (for Europe).

  • auto_detection_of_current_location

    Auto detection of current location

    Now you don’t have to add a new location in the app manually everytime you move from one place to another. The app follows you, automatically updates your current location & shows weather data for it.

  • national_weather service_radio

    National Weather Service Radio (USA Only)

    Weather Mate lets you listen to NOAA Weather Radio, which is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information from the nearest National Weather Service office. It broadcasts official warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information

  • current_temperature_on_your_home_screen

    Current Temperature on your home screen

    The current temperature of your location is shown on Weather Mate’s icon right on your home screen. So if you are in a hurry & quickly want to know your current temperature, just take a glimpse on the app’s icon. No need to actually open the app.

  • widget_&_Text_only_screen_modes

    Widget & Text-only screen modes

    If you prefer a widgeted display, we have Advaned & Basic display modes, which provide a plethora of weather information in a beautifully carved UI layout. If you prefer to see the stunning weather backgrounds in their full awesomeness, simply switch to the Text-only mode.

  • stunning_weather_backgrounds

    Stunning Weather Backgrounds

    Whether it is sunny, snowy, stormy or rainy, you don’t have any need to look outside. Weather Mate plays stunning weather background animations matching the weather conditions of your location. Or do you prefer your own picture in the background? We also have that option!

  • screen_sharing_options

    Screen Sharing options

    Want to boast the awesome weather conditions of your town to your friends? Or want to warn your family of the storm approaching them, through a radar image? You can do that all with just a couple of taps in the app, to share the on-screen info via email, facebook or twitter.

  • weather_announcements

    Weather Announcement

    Yes, you read that right. If for any reason, you are feeling too lazy to open your eyes & take a look at the weather info in the app, you can simply triple tap on the main weather screen anywhere and the app will read out the weather conditions for you, aloud.

Weather Maps { World’s most interactive & detailed weather maps }


NOAA Weather Radar covering US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Animated Satellite (Infrared & Visible) available for the whole world. Radar and Satellite overlays show real-time rain, snow, mixed precipitation, and cloud cover in amazing high resolution and vivid colors.


Severe weather watches, warnings, advisories and all other alerts from National Weather Service (for USA / Canada) and MeteoAlarm (for Europe) are visible as interactive polygons covering the territories they’re active for. Tap any alert to get the title, validity time and the full details of that alert.


Radar Detected Storm Tracks & Hurricane Forecast Tracks, with detailed information.


Several Maps Types: Standard, Hybrid and Satellite. Pinch or stretch to zoom in and out. Drag your finger around the map to scroll.


For Radar and Satellite overlay animations, you can customize the animation speed, select the most suitable number of frames shown in animation, adjust overlay opacity.


Track fires with Fire Risk & Active Fires layers, with detailed information.


Lightning, Tornadoes, Storm Reports (USA / Canada Only), with detailed information.


Weather Stations layer gives you the most localized weather information from the network of 33,000+ personal weather stations spread around the globe.


View thousands of webcams throughout the world at their full native resolution. See them fullscreen if you want.


Weather Fronts (USA / Canada Only), Temperature Gradient, & Earthquake layers, with detailed information.

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App Screenshots

iPhone | iPad

App Screenshots

iPhone | iPad

Got to love this App!

Finally! I found the best weather app! It was already very good, but the latest update has made it the best so far. The UI, graphics and info are crystal clear without going overboard. It's very easy to use but doesn't compromise on its functions. I highly recommend this app. It has so much to offer but still remains simple. Weather Mate has taken over the #1 spot from TWC, Yahoo and eWeather!
Marjorie Nicoleau - USA
July 10, 2014

The best weather app.

There are lots of weather apps out there but this is TRULY the only one that deserves a 5 star rating. Here are a few of the features that make it an outstanding app. 1) drop dead gorgeous 2) various display possibilities including choosing one’s own photos for background 3) best functionality and access to settings 4) ability to choose between various weather stations around the selected town 5) Weather History & Travel Planner features take it past all other competitors.
Michel gaudette - Canada
July 26, 2014

Really Awesome

I have evaluated a lot of weather apps, as a photographer knowing the light conditions for the day is vital. Some look good, but don't deliver, some have good information, but are clumsy and difficult to use. This is the only weather app now on my iPad, it is the best of both. It has a lot of good usable information, but looks great and is easy to use. What more could you want, get it now, you won't be disappointed.
Digital Lemming - UK
June 17, 2014

Just give weather mate a try

Only $0.99 on App Store today